Professional MaintenanceLooking for efficiency on your equipment? Our reliable and experincienced technicians will guarantee that!. Call today for ongoing maintenance and repair.
Our ServicesWe repair and service all major catering equipments, from convection ovens, ice cream machines, ice machines, slush machines.
Affordable ServicesAffordability for any service, maintenance or repairs that will keep your profit margins high
RepairsReliable and guaranteed repairs that will leave you at ease without any hustles
StoreGet Products ,Slush Puppy Mix Powder, Milkshake Syrup,Soft Serve
About us Get to know the experts to experience peace of mind while we take care of your valued equipment
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Ice Cream Machines
We have experienced technicians to assist you with any problem on your ice cream machine.
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Slush Puppy Machines
For urgent slush machine repairs call a Catering Repairs technician today.
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Espresso machines
We can help you maintain your espresso appliances to maximize your ROI.
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Draught Machines
Schedule for a service call today and our reliable technician will assist you with service or repairing of your draught machine
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Chip Fryer
For urgent restaurant equipment repairs Catering Repairs today.
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Commercial Convection Ovens
We can help you maintain your cooking appliances to maximize your profits.

Commercial Catering Equipment Repairs

We are a leading repair company of commercial catering equipment in South Africa. We have devoted teams that focus on meeting customer needs individually. Our rates are so affordable because we understand the cost of running your business can also take it's toll in your pocket.

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Contact our friendly staff today by calling 071 165 4472 0r 010 035 5434 for commercial food equipment that will meet your cooking requirements.

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